Happiest When Building

Chris Brent

Born to an English Father, Swiss Mother and growing up in England and Australia, Chris has been called the "United Nations". After studying Economics and Majoring in computer science, Chris moved to Sydney and work as a UNIX Systems Administrator for several years. He then pursued his passion for flying things and moved to New Zealand to work for renowned kite maker Peter Lynn. After originally planning a three month internship he ended up saying six years, during which he designed several models of kite boarding kites including the legendary F-Arc. He also did a stint in the Underground kite board factory, learning the art of composite lamination.

Pivoting back to the tech world, Chris returned to Sydney and worked at a digital agency specializing in mobile web and app development. That brought him to San Francisco in 2008. In 2016 he took a sabbatical to again make flying things, this time in the form of drones.

He is married to the amazing Catherine and has two wonderful daughters Edith and Annabel.

Here are some ways you can connect with me: