Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft

Jo-Ann stores were the first client to use a product we'd named "RedShop Mobile". RedShop Mobile was a collection of tools aimed at building mobile apps and websites for eCommerce clients who didn't have the techinal team to implement their own. This usually meant that a client had few to no techinal resources and generally no availible product listing API. By running a cluster of headless Selenium browsers we were able to parse a website once a day for an up to date product listing. This was stored in a SQL Sever database and served to the Android, iOS and mobile website.

For Jo-Ann we also integrated a store locator provided via CSV file, and a weekly mailer from a third party vendor. We also expanded RedShop Mobile to include a mobile wallet for storing coupons as well as an admin UI for adding those coupons.

My inital role was to write the parser to get a minimum viable product API, and build a prototype iOS app. I assisted in building the prototype Android app. Once the project was accepted by the client we built out all the required functionally for both iOS and Android. At that point a large offshore team was engaged for ongoing feature requests and maaintenance.